May 16, 2023

9 Best Twitch Bots For Your Stream 2022 Free & Paid

By SanyaOlu Ameye

Getting Started Twitch Developers

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We host Nightbot for you, so it’s always online and ready to go.

To enable phone verification, go to the chatbot’s Security and Privacy settings. Under Contact, click Add a number (next to Phone Number) and add a phone number that Twitch can verify. The Twitch IRC server does not guarantee the order of the messages. It may also send a message multiple times if it doesn’t think the bot Twitch IRC server sends PING messages to ensure that your bot is still alive and able to respond to the server’s messages. While Twitch’s IRC server generally follows RFC1459, it doesn’t support all IRC messages.

Chatbots You Need In Your Business

If the wide range of Twitch Bots is confusing you, simply go for Moobot or Nightbot. Similar in features, these offer the best chat moderation that new streamers are looking for. Although there are some moderation tools on streaming platforms, these programs have a much more in-depth moderation and plenty of entertainment features. You can set up commands for yourself or your viewers to use or just useful information, such as a reminder to drink water or for viewers to follow. Something that makes Moobot stand apart from many other Twitch chatbots is its poll functionality. This feature allows streamers to create polls for viewers to vote in but also displays the results in an easy-to-understand pie chart that can be shared.

  • Click the “Join Channel” button on your Nightbot dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to mod Nightbot in your channel.
  • As the learning curve is slight, this is the best bot for new broadcasters who don’t have any experience with bots.
  • That’s where moderator bots come in, saving precious time and energy.
  • Nightbot is the most popular chatbot amongst Twitch streamers due to its many features and streamlined user dashboard.

You can

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also use its betting feature to entertain your viewers between video streams. As these chatbots have a lot to offer, finding the best one from the huge list is no piece of the cake. Seeing how troublesome and cumbersome it can be, we have listed the top Twitch chatbots that have earned popularity recently. When your viewership really starts ramping up your chat can easily become overwhelmed, and it becomes all but impossible to carry conversations with individuals in your chat. Offering little games for people to play while they watch your stream allows them to feel more involved in your chat without any extra effort on your behalf. DeepBot prides itself on being one of the most customizable bots out there.

Using Chatbots for Channel Moderation

This was calculated in terms of total hours watched by all viewers across the entire platform. Of course, a certain global pandemic phenomenon may have something to do with this additional view count. Even so, it is undeniable that the industry at large still continues to expand for various internal reasons. One neat feature is that Wizebot allows viewers to place bets with their accumulated points, creating custom wagers.

On Twitch, a streaming platform predominantly used by gamers, chatbots have a very specific and critical role. Modern chatbots have become great assistants for streamers since they have a variety of different features which cover many points of the channel. Moreover, most of the bots are being constantly developed by the community which allows making them more efficient helpers on the channel. Choose the bot appealing to you and provide your channel with a more exciting experience for viewers thanks to it. Broadcasters should also pay attention to Stream Elements Bot if they require an easy-to-use and free chatbot.

Streamlabs Chatbot (previously Ankhbot)

This fun bot will remind you to stay hydrated at certain intervals throughout your broadcast. Dice command by sending a message with the number rolled (for example, You rolled a 4). Streamers have approximately one million and one things to think about when streaming. They have to make sure everyone is feeling heard, welcomed, and entertained, all while focusing on whatever game or music they’re playing. Streamers are human too, and juggling all the different aspects of streaming can become overwhelming or even take the enjoyment out of it.

This integration enables the chatbot to interact with Streamlab’s alerts and widgets, creating a more dynamic and interactive streaming experience. For example, a donation alert on Streamlabs can trigger a special thank you message from the chatbot in the Twitch chat. Twitch is undoubtedly the largest video distribution system available in the world. In this age of online streamers and content providers, Twitch has created a strong reputation for itself. It is not just another video streaming service; it offers a wide range of other powerful features. It provides, data storage system, video encoding, internal tooling and system and a lot more.

Select Plan to Buy Twitch Chat Bots

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